MeasureMe! iPhone app developed by Dallas Businessman April 28, 5:05 PMDallas Business Strategies ExaminerJames Tucker Previous 2 comments Subscribe ShareThis MeasureMe ScreenShot Clark Hodges In a large closet in my childhood home on Flair Drive in Dallas, just a few miles from here and 45 years ago reside the pencil measures of the heights of 5 children taken on random dates to chart the growth (or not) of hopeful, school-aged kids who couldn’t wait to see and compare to their siblings and tell their friends the news. Mom would take out her measuring tape after marking the wall and make official the feet and inches. The wall, I’m sure, is long since painted over in that house which none of us will ever go in again. Yet the memory remains of the ritual, if rituals can be random. Clark Hodges has added a new layer to the ongoing Technology vs. John Henry debate, having introduced “MeasureMe,” an iPhone app this week that instantly makes the calculation on demand for eagerly waiting children with the speed and efficiency we’ve come to expect from iPhone apps. It works like this: first get yourself a kid, or a child at heart. Line them up under a doorway and enter the height of the door (usually 7 or 9 feet) and enter into the app. Press the button and boom, there’s your instant gratification of height measurement for all to see and brag about. Cost of app, 99 cents. Instead of nearly forgotten painted-over pencil marks in an inaccessible home you get a color photo record complete with beaming smile, a hair fashion to be laughed at, and clothes no one would otherwise believe you wore of the son, daughter, nephew, niece, or friends. Clearly the experience is an upgrade of a fuzzy memory to well documented event. Hodges, VP of a Dallas financial advisory company, had the epiphany of the idea while having a “what if” conversation with his daughter, and worked with a Denton app developer to bring the app to fruition to launch this week. Hodges mentioned the new experience of capturing the height data was “Mommy Approved,” the unofficial highest ranking given by his wife while awaiting other reviews from media sources.

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MeasureMe app on itunes

Thank you for visiting the ifafa site. We are happy to provide information for the MeasureMe app on itunes. The MeasureMe app is targeted for moms and dads and grandparents who want to see the growth of their children or grandchildren. It takes the place of the tape on the wall or pen mark on the door to keep tabs on how much your child is growing. You can access the app at this link, 

Simply add a new name and birthdate for your child. Hit the plus button and take the picture. Before you take it you need to know the heighth of the door he or she is standing in. In the options menu you can adjust the settings to the heighth of the door. Then take the pic of your child and simply lower the top yellow line to the top of his or  her head. Then you know their height. You can email the pics to anyone you wish. Have fun. Kids love to see how much they are growing.

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